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Master Fanfiction List

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Popular Authors and Stories

By IsisIzabel

Can't Stay Away Universe
Can't Stay Away {Chapters 1-12 | Chapters 13-Epilogue}
Ashes and Ice
This Love, This Hate {Chapters 1-Epilogue}
Conversations {Chapters 1-3; in progress}
Adventures in Summerland {Chapter 1}
Riot in My Heart {Chapters 1-4; in progress}

Butter and Orange Juice
Slippery When Wet

Pins and Needles

By Dalal

Sparks {Chapters 1-14}
The City Spins
You Picked Me
A Promise Made
The Way I Loved You
Space is Key
Eternal Lines To Time

By Pulpvintage

How Soon Is Now?
My Only Offer (sequel to HSIN) {One | Two | Three | Four | Deleted Scenes; in progress}++
Gossip Girl Rewritten {Part I | Part II; in progress} ++

By Alex

Somebody Save Jennifer {Chapters 1-14; in progress}
Confessions of an Upper East Side Babysitter {Chapters 1-4; in progress}
Keeping Up Traditions
Jailtime Confessions
Different This Year
At The Train Station

Hot Pink
Late Nights

By Jenna

NJ Future Drabble Series
i: the idea. why do you race through my red lights?
ii. the execution.
we were loved and we were scared.
iii. the reveal.
ain't no better reason to rid yourself of vanity.
iv. the aftermath:
all the constellations shine down for us to see.

beauty queen of only eighteen.

could you help me push aside all that i have left behind?
i know you think i'm like the others before.
i would walk the seven seas.
just look at what you're tearing apart.
like a flag in the wind, we are one.
romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
so turn out the light, and it'll be alright.
some say it's better but i say it ain't.
you can't tell me the past will never be more than a memory.
such a strange combination of a woman and a child.

By Sam

from the Practically Lyrical Drabble Series
I Got Tired of Waiting
Fold The Letter And Think of a Million and One Things
Are You Happy Now?
The Best We Know How To
But We Persevere
Oh The Timing Is Cruel
What Are We Fighting For?
I Can Shine Even in the Darkness

from the Object/Situation Drabble Series
Hot chocolate, fabric swatches, rain, white

from the Location/Pairing Drabble Series
The Humphreys' Apartment

A Chance To Show Your Weakness
The Far Canadian North
Promiscuous Makes An Entrance
Talking To The Ceiling
Sick of Social Graces

By Chloe

Denial ;in progress
Dirty Rides on Discosticks; in progress
Healing Wounds; in progress
Hero, Heroine, and Another Hero; in progress
Massive Destruction; in progress

By LuvLoisNClark

The Taste of Bittersweet Exile
; in progress
Truth or Duplicity, Revenge or Rise Above; in progress

By Alyss

Sugar and Spice series
Nutmeg {One; in progress}

By Prosperina

You Say Second Chances, I Hear Happy Endings {One & Two | Three; in progress}

By Jordan

By Your Side
The First Time I Saw You
The Night of Our Lives
Oh My, My, My

By Strepyogenes

Leaving All Traces Behind {Prologue | One | Two; in progress}
Letting Go What Time Has Brought

By Martina

The Apple of My Eye
No One To Save You {sequel to The Apple of My Eye}

Stories By Rating

G/K/All Readers

Because I'm Sorry by Stella (sequel to TPNF)
A New Beginning by Joella
The Final Moments of a Long Wait
by Ciara
by Felicia
by Joella
The Pain Never Fades by Stella
Second Chances by Ciara; in progress
Tied To You by Magpiez


Best and Worst by Magpiez
Even The Polished Stones Are Rough by Jenna
Everything's Easier In The Dark by Lorilann
Hold Your Breath by Grace
Kinda, Maybe, Sorta by Emily
Kisses by Katie {One | Two}
Light On by Susan
Now You Wait For Something To Cure This by Lorilann
Scandal by ExplosionsInTheSky33; in progress
Something About Jenny by SpanishLullabies
Surviving by Ciara; in progress


Are You Listening? by Jenna
Big Brother Watching
by Supergirlscafe
Catalyst by Felicia
Change by Naleysocute23; in progress
Concerning My Sister by Alicia
Dream Come True by Tori; in progress
Fearless by Jennifer; in progress
Finding My Back To You by Fran; in progress
Getting There by Rosie {Part 1 | Part 2} ++
Impassive Love by Debby
It's Never Really Over by Meghan {Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8; in progress}
It's Your Birthday by Aimee
Keep Holding On by Fran
A Matter Of... by Nila
Once Upon a Time by Kbobcora
Pedestal by iceprincessforever; in progress  This is a must read!!!
Pumpkin Pie by Kate {Chapters 1-6 | Chapters 7-8; in progress}++
by Nate/Jenny Thread @ Fanforum ++
Rising of a Young Phoenix by Teresa
Secret by Jennifer
Set The Dark on Fire by Alyson {Chapters 1-9; in progress}
She Lives On Love Street by Katty {One | Two | Three | Four; in progress}
Thursday Nights With Nate by Supergirlscafe
Too Little Too Late or Not by Sabrina; in progress 
Twenty Years by Shu; in progress
Whoa Baby! by Brittany; in progress {Warning: There is some NS and NV in earlier chapters of this fic}
Wish You Were by Rachel; in progress


Compromising Predicament by Katie
The Cure by Nicole; in progress
Everlong by Mallory
Free Falling by Brit
A Girl From The Upper East Side by BICaRdiBrEeZa
Here Comes Your Man by Mallory; in progress
Hysteric by Danielle ;in progress
Just Closing My Eyes by Jenna
Modern Fairytale My Ass by Jenny; in progress 

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